When the apostle John wrote in John 316, “for God so loved the world,” he meant everyone. Not just the people that are nice to us. Not just our family. But everyone.

At Waco First Assembly one of our core values is that we love everyone!

So try to show love to everyone. There is a song that declares “they will know we are Christians by our love.” Let it be known far and wide that Waco First Assembly shares the love of God with people. All people, even our enemies.  We are a house of love, a house of hope, the house of prayer, we are our father’s house. “This is our Father’s House…” goes another song. His children are welcome and all should gather. Forsake not the assembling of brothers and sisters. Forgiven, redeemed, renewed, reconciled. Let God rule in your life. Jesus Christ is Lord! Let us too reconcile and forgive. Let us Love, as our Father and eldest brother Jesus do. It is possible, in His strength. Come Holy Spirit, comfort and heal us. Heal our relationships. Holy are you, God. Make us Holy. We surrender and actively cooperate! Let us not be divided, we have the mind of Christ. Think in it. Plan in it. Live in it. Live Loved and Loving. Peace, Grace, Love and Resurrection.  

Pastor John