Food Ministry

We have a team of people who provide meals when our members are sick or in response to life events and surgeries. If you have or know of a need, please let us know, we don’t always hear of surgeries and hospital stays. If you want to be on this team, please let us know.

Sunday School Adult

Our Adult Sunday School program follows the Radiant Life program from the Gospel Publishing House.
We are blessed to have multiple teachers from within our body on a rotation coordinated by Pastor Palmer.
It runs from 9:30-10:15am in the Fellowship Hall.

Adult Bible Study

We currently have Adult Bible Study in the Fellowship Hall on Wed evenings.
We typically pick a book of the bible to read through and spend each week on two or three chapters and discussion.
Rich Edwards is our coordinator, but we have multiple teachers.

Wholehearted Group Studies

The quest to bring our hearts back into wholeness from God. Come on this journey to walk with Jesus. It’s a process to make progress toward God.

Sundays at 4pm.

Worship Team

Lucinda (Luci) Yang D’Entremont heads up our worship team. We have quite a few talented musicians in our congregation. Please contact her if you are interested in serving in this area. We also have some behind-the-scenes jobs that are necessary during worship and can always use extra help and subs for these tasks as well.

Men’s Ministry

Check out our resource page for Men at WFA:

Men’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry

The women have a Sunday evening bible or book study led by Cindy Palmer.
The women also like to attend simulcasts of their favorite teachers about twice a year. Watch announcements for the next opportunity.
Contact us if you are interested in joining.

Inner Healing

All of us carry wounds from life. These wounds can cause us to look at God and others through a filter that is not necessarily a true view. We need to spend time with God and let him shed His light in areas where we need truth and for the filters to be removed. This is what Inner Healing is all about – hearing God speak to your hurts and heal them. Please let us know if you would like more information or to do a session.

Tiempo de Cosecha

Our Spanish Language Service is on Sunday evenings from 5:00 – 6:30 and Wednesday evenings from 6:45 – 8:15. Tiempo de Cosecha means “Time of the Harvest”. We are praying for a revival in Waco. We love Osmel and Keila R who immigrated from Cuba. They both have theological degrees and a heart for Waco’s Spanish speakers to turn to God.

Cleaning Ministry

You may not think of this as a ministry, but keeping the church clean and in a usable condition takes a lot of work by some pretty dedicated people.
Thanks for all you do!
Please contact us if you can help out, many hands make light work. Let there be light!


Leonard & Lesley Hays  “Encountering the Father’s Love”

Thursday December 26th, 2024 – Wednesday January 1st 2025

Come Join Us:

The school will run from 6:00pm Thursday December 26, 2024 through 1:00pm Wednesday, January 01, 2025.
Check in time for the school will be between 5:00pm and 6:00pm on Thursday afternoon. We expect you to register between these times.
We will begin our first session at 6:00pm on Thursday with a meal together, followed by our first session ending by 8:30pm.
Friday – Tuesday the school will run approximately from 9:15am through 8:15pm. The school will end on Wednesday afternoon following lunch.