Charles Spurgeon, a Baptist Minister in England, would tell visitors about the importance of prayer. He would show them the “boiler room” where devoted people would come before, during and after services to pray for the services. His church grew from a few hundred to hosting thousands at every service. Many came to salvation and were saved. He told his fellow pastors, “Brethren, we shall never see much change for the better in our churches in general till the prayer meeting occupies a higher place in the esteem of Christians.”

Are you serving in the “boiler room”? His was literally a room that burned coal to make steam to heat the building. Ours is our secret place, our prayer closet, where we meet with God, worship Him and set our requests before Him. We also listen for Him to speak to us. One friend’s prayer closet is his pickup truck as he drives to work each day. Do you set aside time for God in prayer? Try it today, even just five minutes. Do you speak in tongues, or have a heavenly prayer language from the Holy Spirit? Why not try praying in tongues while you drive, do laundry, chop vegetables, walk, change a diaper or anything we do every day?

As we turn to God, we focus on Him. What we focus on centers our lives. In 1 Corinthians 2:16 Paul reminds us that we “have the mind of Christ.” Let it renew you and refresh you, as you let Him pray through you today. Seek Him and build relationship with Him. He’s waiting to talk to you. He may even give you a vision! Ask Him what to do. Ask Him what to say to people. Tell Him you love Him. Tell Him how wonderful He is. As we glorify God, we orient our lives around Him. We allow Him first place in our lives.

At Waco First Assembly of God, one of our core values is “We run on prayer.” We pray to cover people with love, support and protection. We pray to seek the presence and “face” of God. We pray to bless others, even ourselves so we can bless God and others more. We pray for others, specifically, and as the Holy Spirit leads us.

In fact, churches in Waco are cooperating to bless and pray for every house and apartment in Waco. has an app you can download and select up to twelve houses to pray for. Pray for those near your home. Pray for those near your church. Just pray for them. Then go meet them. Then ask them how to pray for them specifically. Then ask them to church. See how this works? Pretty soon, all Waco will be prayed over, and maybe led to eternal life in Christ Jesus! Others are praying for 12 Baylor professors each day. Others are choosing pastors to pray for, again 12 of them. Why not pray for others? It will bless you and it will do your heart some good. Why not do all three? Keep your eyes open if you pray while driving! Just pray. Like voting in Texas, pray early and pray often.

Love, Pastor John