The Jewish leaders did not know what to do with Jesus. They could not match Him. He was speaking with authority. He was working miracles. He was outwitting their traps for Him. They got so frustrated in trying to control Him that they plotted to kill Him. They did not want to lose power over their lives, power over others, to Jesus.

Do we too try to do this to Jesus? Do we die to ourselves and take up our cross, or do we try to have a cross in the house as enough? I put a cross on my car. Doesn’t that make me “in?” It sure should make me drive better as a representative of that cross!

When their power was not enough, the Sanhedrin, who were Hellenized or had taken on the sophistication of their “modern” Graeco-Roman culture, they turned to Roman authority to handle Jesus. Their hands were “clean” but they agitated, connived and worked for this to happen. An early “hearing” before the rest of the culture was aware let them steamroll Jesus, thinking if He was dead, He could not impact their power base and threaten their rule of their people. They would not have to accept Him as the Son of God.

They had so cozied up to Romans and become like the Roman society that they operate in the world. Do we become so focused on the world and politics and law of man that we operate there rather than from the Kingdom principles of King Jesus?

Who do I turn to? Facebook? CNN? Fox News? Friends, Romans, countrymen? I need to turn to Jesus for everything and allow Him to be Lord. I need to take up my cross and follow Him. I need to sacrifice and really let Him be Lord, King, Messiah, Fore-told Savior. I need to obey, every day.

They could not match Him. They could not catch Him (John 7:30). So they had to hatch treachery.

Ask God to order your steps today. Turn to Him. Our power and redemption comes for God, not “Rome.” Embrace your salvation today. Let God out of our boxes for Him. He’s not a vending machine, not a “woobie,” He’s a person, God, savior, King, friend.

If you don’t know Him as Lord and savior, just ask Him today. Right now! “Jesus, be Lord of my life. Forgive me of my sins. Come and lead me into a better life with you. You came, loved, taught, performed miracles and then were killed as an innocent for my sins. You rose again by the power of God and paid the price for all my sins and wrongs. Thank you Jesus! I receive that work, I receive you! Make me a new creation.” It is so!

Pastor John Palmer