13077076_1077786572282205_234403119368154900_nTomorrow we are excited to have Nathan and Cindy Timmerman to speak to us!
“Nathan and Cindy serve as the National Community Chaplains Representative for A/G Chaplaincy Ministries. They are U.S. missionaries and endorsed chaplains. Nathan also serves on the national leadership for 461 Response, the Assemblies of God Chaplaincy Ministries’ critical incident response team. They are also the founders and executive chaplains for Chaplaincy Services International.
Since 2002, they have effectively conducted chaplaincy training conferences across the United States and have implemented a chaplaincy training program at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas. Towards the end of 2007, the Timmermans were invited by Pastor Jim to establish a chaplaincy ministries program at Trinity. Through this program, hundreds of community chaplains have been trained, certified and mobilized across the North Texas region.
13100755_1077786562282206_3789408712221920740_nThe Timmermans have also served in pastoral ministry, including First Assembly of God in Grand Prairie. Cindy has served as the executive director for Exodus Ministries in Dallas, Texas, a faith-based transitional facility for single mothers who have been recently released from prison. Nathan served as an area director for Prison Fellowship Ministries for a number a years. He is also the co-founder and former assistant director of Inmate Family Ministries for the North Texas District of the Assemblies of God.
Both Nathan and Cindy attended Southwestern Assemblies of God University, where Nathan earned a B.S. in Missions. In 2012, he earned his Master of Arts degree in Children and Family Ministries at Harrison Graduate School of Theology (SAGU). Nathan and Cindy have been married and ministered together since 1979. They have two adult children, Joshua and Jacinda.”