We will have a representative of the Gideons with us in service on Sunday, May 7th.

The Gideons International is an organization of Christian businessmen and their wives, numbering more than 300,000 around the world. The Gideons have placed more than 2 billion Bibles and New Testaments worldwide in 95 languages. They are distributed in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices, jails, domestic violence shelters, hotels, motels and other distribution points. All of the overhead costs of the organization are paid through the dues of the Gideon members themselves. One hundred percent of all donations to the Gideons go to the purchase of Bibles to be distributed worldwide.
Representing the Gideons in our service will be Paul Carr. Paul, a Baylor graduate, has served Baylor in numerous roles including interim vice president for marketing and communications and as director of student publications.

Following the presentation from the Gideon representative, Pastor Palmer will invite members of the congregation to make a donation for the purchase of Bibles in the name of our recently departed and beloved member, Franklin Daniel. The Gideons can distribute 1 Bible for each $5 contribution. Our Gideon representative will pass out special “Tribute” cards, allowing members of our congregation to donate Bibles in Franklin’s name.