I think it will make a great difference if Christians are present in society. Just being there as part of what’s going on will add leaven and raise the loaf to new heights and deliciousness. The Essenes withdrew to stay holy and uncorrupted. Christians have withdrawn in the last few decades and lost influence in government, arts, movies and music. While we are making advances in Christian music and movies, they are not impacting society at large, nor evangelizing and testifying. Dallas Willard writes about this passivity in an interview with Renovaré. 

The enemy in our time is not human capacity, or over activism, but the enemy is passivity—the idea that God has done everything and you are essentially left to be a consumer of the grace of God and that the only thing you have to do is find out how to do that and do it regularly. I think this is a terrible mistake and accounts for the withdrawal of active Christians from so many areas of life where they should be present. It also accounts for the lack of spiritual growth, for you can be sure that if you do not act in an advised fashion consistently and resolutely you will not grow spiritually. We all know that Jesus said, (in John 15) ‘without me you can do nothing’. We need to add, ‘if you do nothing, it will be most assuredly without him.’

Dallas Willard

I want to be with Him. I want to see where He is active and working and join in! At WFA we believe every member has ministry, being active expressing the spiritual gifts and talents God has bequeathed to us. We need to serve pouring into the next generations. Volunteer one Sunday a month for a quarter with the Sunday School for kids and teens. Take one Monday night from 6-8 per month to sit in and love on these young maturing kids. Help out for Rangers one Wednesday a month. Come to corporate prayer on Fridays from 11-12 in the sanctuary. Pray and ask God what you should do. Greet God each day and ask Him to order your steps. The Lord is the best day planner ever. You’ll get divine appointments to minister as the Lord leads you. Wonderful, abundant life ensues. You are loved, so share that love with someone today. Testify and invite someone to church. Volunteer. Rest in the Lord. He is Great!
In the Father’s Love, 


Rev. John Palmer