Dear Fellow Waco First Assembliers,

The Mayor has asked that groups of ten or more not meet until the emergency is over. The Bible asks us to “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.” Unless the state asks us to do something contrary to God’s will and plan, we should comply.

We are not given a “spirit of fear” but are called to be “bold and courageous” for God. Please continue to pray, and increase prayers for health, cooperation, safety and freedom. We hope this will not be used to restrict liberties and impose permanent infringements, but in the short term, it makes sense to be safe and comply.

Be kind, courteous, peace filled, joy filled and helpful as we model Christian peaceful reaction to crisis. Shine God’s light and ask people how you can pray for them and their family. Father, Daddy! Has got us, and will guide each of us in what we need to do, how to pray, what to think and how to become more like Jesus His Son.

Thank you for your prayers. Let us be in contact by phone, texting, email and letter. We are working on a way to deliver Rich’s sermon Sunday and some worship via the internet. It may be Facebook; it may be on our web page. We will do something to worship and honor God. There are many fine recordings of worship music you can listen to in your car or at home. Let us pray without ceasing and rejoice in all things.

God loves you, I love you and Cindy loves you. Our whole ministry family is one of love and mutual care. Bless God in what we do. He is worthy!


Pastor John