There are a number of projects we would like to do at Hope House. We have them listed below in order of priority. Some are wish list items for down the road or after we have raised enough money for the materials.

  • -Leveling – We are kind of stuck at the moment needing to level the house. We can’t do very many other large projects until we have fixed that. Est $4500
  • – Painting – We finished the base coat of the whole house but still need to do the baseboards and ceilings. Anyone like to do those?
  • – Fire Pit – We have quite a few bricks and would like to turn them into a fire pit for the backyard.
  • – Laundry room – We need to add cabinets and shelves in our laundry area so each woman will have the space she needs for laundry.
  • – Windows – We’d love to replace all the windows.
  • – Additional bath – We are so blessed to have found a house in Waco that already has 3 baths and 4 bedrooms. We would love to add one more bath so each room could have their own space. Est $7000.
  • – Roof – The roof is in acceptable condition but is nearing end of life. We will need to replace it in the next couple of years. Est $5000.