We have a heart for world missions and love our missionaries! We also try to support our local community with needs that we become aware of.

National and Worldwide

We have a mission focus the first Sunday of each month. Pastor John keeps bringing in great people for us to love and support. We enjoy hearing about their call, their heart for their specific mission, and the amazing stories of what they have already done or plan to do. Due to sensitivities, we cannot always post details.

For those who we can share details, they will be found in our blog category Missionary (click to read).

Check-Ins for Charity

Waco First Assembly provides charitable donations based on our Facebook check-ins. The organization donated to is decided by Pastor John and can change each month. What a simple way to give to those in need. Check-in on our Facebook Page at facebook.com/WacoFirstAssembly.


For a list of local organizations we have worked with and the needs that they have, please check out this page.


To see our planned collection activities for 2018, click here

Orphan Care

Nate and Rebecca Moehring head up our Orphan Care Mission. We currently monitor a list for any needs coming through our local area from CPS to see how we can be of service to our community. We are actively working on partnerships with the Assemblies of God North Texas program called “The Keep”. We also have a couple families in the church who are foster or adoption certified and we try to figure out ways to bless them as they minister to children.

Polling Place

We are an early voting polling place!
Details here